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clust_w - Compute the graph and node clustering of weighted graphs


clust_w graph_in [SHOW]


clust_w computes the clustering coefficient of the undirected and weighted graph given as input in the file graph_in. The program uses the definition of weighted clustering proposed by Barrat, Barthelemy, Pastor-Satorras ans Vespignani. If SHOW is provided as a second parameter, the program prints on STDERR the label, degree, and clustering coefficient of all the nodes in graph_in.



undirected and weighted input graph (edge list). If it is equal to - (dash), read the edge list from STDIN.


If the second (optional) parameter is equal to SHOW, the program will dump on the standard error the label, degree, and clustering coefficient of each node in graph_in.


If only graph_in is specified, then the output is a single line, containing the clustering coefficient of the undirected and weighted graph provided as input. If SHOW is specified, the program will print on the standard output one line for each node, in the format:

node_1 k_1 c_1
node_2 k_2 c_2
node_3 k_3 c_3

where node_1 is the label of the node, k_1 is its degree, and c_1 is its node clustering coefficient.


The most simple way of using clust is to compute only the clustering coefficient of a graph. For instance, the command:

      $ clust_w US_airports.net

computes the weighted clustering coefficient of the graph US_airports.net (the US air transportation network). In order to obtain the weighted clustering coefficient of all the nodes, we should use:

      $ clust_w US_airports.net SHOW 
      0 145 0.30493676524961
      1 136 0.364315549333
      2 132 0.3443612411812
      3 76 0.52204673222936
      497 2 1
      498 2 1
      499 1 0

The last line printed on output is still the value of the weighted clustering coefficient of the graph, while the previous 500 lines (which are printed on STDERR) contain the label, degree, and weighted clustering coefficient of each node. For instance, the first line indicates that node 0 has degree equal to 145 and clustering coefficient equal to 0.30493676524961. It is more convenient to save the values of node clustering coefficients in a file, e.g.:

      $ clust_w US_airports.net SHOW 2> node_clust_w

In this case, the program prints on output only the weighted graph clustering coefficient 0.65111741, while the node clustering coefficients are saved on the file node_clust_w (notice the syntax 2> node_clust_w, which redirects the STDERR to the file node_clust_w).





(c) Vincenzo 'KatolaZ' Nicosia 2009-2017 <v.nicosia@qmul.ac.uk>.

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